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As an environmental services company, we enrich and teach our fellow employees about our working environment. We strive to plant a seed of curiosity in each one of them. That's all it takes to change the world - one person at a time.

Bird Identification Course

Practical and Theoretical training is implemented by our experts about birds of the monitors' specific working environment to give employees knowledge to use in the field. 

Carcass Searching Course

This course is interpreted to our employees to give them vast knowledge about what we do and why they are there for. It teaches them how to correctly and efficiently search for carcasses and the process of recording the data from thereon. 

Shutdown on Demand

This Bird Mortality Mitigation Technique is used in response to high-risk situations or in the presence of specific birds, to effectively reduce the number of collision-related fatalities. On sites where SDoD (Shutdown on Demand) is implemented, the course teaches employees practically to assess incoming birds and initiate the shutdown of turbines. 

Skills Development

Courses like First Aid and Fire Fighting is essential. We also enrich our employees with additional training and skills they can use in and out of the workplace. Courses include Junior Management, Leadership and Mentoring, Incident Investigation and SHE Rep training.

Perdekraal East WEF Biodiversity Monitor Team
BTE Renewables Training
BTE Renewables Team
Kangnas WEF Team Training
De Aar 2 South WEF Biodiversity Monitor Team
Perdekraal East WEF Training
Little Bee-Eater

Want to help us help the world?

As entrepreneurs, we always have dreams and ideas to do better, and save the planet. Some of the ideas we strive to accomplish, have high costs or need more knowledge from outside. If you would like to make a difference, whether it is with your knowledge, or through funding, please contact us to discuss. New ideas are welcome too.

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